What to expect after the adjustment

Adapt to a better life with your new hearing aids

It will take some time and patience to get used to the way in which your hearing aid transfers sounds. This adjustment period is perfectly normal. But soon enough you’ll start to hear sounds that you could not hear before, and many sounds that you had not realized they had been lost.

Learn to listen again

When you use your hearing aid for the first time, you will notice that the way in which you hear feels completely different. This is because your brain must learn to hear sounds again, especially the complex spectrum of human speech.

Research shows that understanding of speech increased gradually after a period of several months and after the first time you used your hearing aid. The more you wear the device the more clear and natural sound will get.

The following are comments made by people who used hearing aids for the first time:

  • It takes time to get used to wearing hearing aids.
  • Your voice may sound different at first.
  • Your hearing in noisy environments will be improved but not as much as in a quiet place.
  • You may detect sounds you had not heard for a long time, like the hum of household appliances, or the chirping of a bird.

Counseling of patients has better outcomes

The CYPRUS HEARING CENTRES realize that choosing a hearing aid is the beginning of a journey to better hearing. We will help you transition to new sounds and will guide you through the process of cleaning, maintaining and using your hearing aid, so your adjustment period can be as smooth as possible.

Usage and care

The commitment of STARKEY is more than better hearing. It is about a better quality of life. For this reason we are committed to helping you be as happy as possible with your hearing aid.