Instructions for the family of the hearing aid user

Communication strategies

The following steps can make communication easier when you socialize with people who have difficulty hearing or even adapt to a new hearing aid.

Allow them to read your lips

  • Make sure your friend or colleague has your full attention before you speak.
  • Look at the person with whom you speak. Do not try to chat in another room or with your back turned.
  • Stand in a well-lit area to make it easier for them to read lips and expressions.
  • Avoid activities that make reading lips hard such as chewing, smoking, reading a newspaper or leaning your cheeks in your hands while talking.

Speak at a normal rhythm and level

  • Most hearing aids have been developed to enhance a normal level of speech, so if you shout it can be very loud for the other participant.
  • Try not to speak too quickly. Speak naturally, but try to pronounce your words more clearly. This will naturally slow your speech so try to be careful not to overdo it.

Try to reduce background noise

  • For someone who has trouble hearing, noisy is the most difficult environment. Try to reduce the noise coming from the background when you do a debate. Turn off the TV and any open windows to reduce outside interference.
  • Be close to your partner so that your voice is louder than the noise coming from the background. Your face and your lips will be easier to read.
  • Find a quieter place for discussion. It will ease the situation and protect your hearing.